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White Wedding Altar


I'm the creative behind Explored Perspective, a videography and photography studio with the goal of capturing visions and sharing moments.

My life philosophy is centered on the principle of 'exploring', and with this I try to empower others the ability to build and grow by "exploring ways to share visions in different perspectives." With some trial and error, I have developed Explored Perspective over the years from this philosophy. 

I've always found it a little difficult to express myself throughout my whole life. After working for business professionals who silenced me, I realized that I had to build my own path and voice. I now use the lens as a microphone to shine light on the bright visions individuals have.

Outside of shooting and the editing room, I love to adventure. Traveling and forcing myself out of my comfort zone has driven me to compete in OCR (obstacle course racing). If you ever go to a race and see a guy with two cats, come say hello!

Bride and Groom
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