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Hi- I'm Korey Smerk, the creative behind Explored Perspective, a video and photo collective with the goal of creating a shared vision and get actionable results.


My life philosophy is centered on the principle of 'exploring', and with this I try to empower others the ability to build and grow by "exploring ways to share stories through different perspectives." With some trial and error, I have developed Explored Perspective over the years from this philosophy. 


I've always found it a little difficult to express myself with words - insert photo & video. After working in corporate settings, I realized that I feel most empowered when sharing my authentic self and enjoy working with others who do the same. I now use the lens as a microphone to shine light on the wonderful clients that I'm so grateful to work with!


Outside of shooting and the editing room, I love to adventure, traveling and intentionally putting myself in uncomfortable scenarios where I am forced to learn a little about myself and the world around me.My ultimate goal is to empower others by sharing impactful media that makes people, understand, think, ponder, believe, or be inspired.  Let it be our goal to put good in the world so we can leave this rock knowing we tried to make it a better place. I look forward to working with you!

Filming Joe- Spartan.jpeg
Tahoe - Spartan.jpeg
Korey in Browns Bernie uniform.HEIC
Rabbit work - Spartan.jpeg
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